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Royal Devon and Exeter Hospitals and hospice services are driven by scientific discovery

Developments in science such as the new genetics offer important possibilities for disease prevention and treatment in the future. As a national service, the NHS is well-placed to take advantage of the opportunities offered by scientific developments, and ensures that new technologies are harnessed and developed in the interests of society as a whole and available to all on the basis of need.

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What I liked
I have had several appointments recently at RD&E Hospital and have been very impressed by what appears to have been a complete transformation and overhaul of the Hospital Systems. Being an ex soldier, I always arrive early for my appointment, but always bring something to read, expecting a very long wait to be seen. At my last two appointments I was seen literally within ten minutes of arriving. I was sent to various departments for blood tests, and heart tracing etc and again was seen very quickly. The Staff are informative, friendly and smile readily despite the huge amount of pressure they must be under with cutbacks by successive Governments.
I would recommend this Hospital to anyone. more feed back on Exeter Hospital